Friday, January 30, 2009


diz monday we r going 2 present our drama, 'the rival 3' not one of d actress or it might b d worse drama u ever seen!! ehehe! ;p bt i've been given a task..every1 have 2 dance..yup, cuz it's a musical drama, so everybody must take part in it n all girls, which is 12 from my class n 2 more from d other class, have 2 dance,hohoho~ bt then, im not a gud dancer n me myself is not so into it. huhu~ neva mind. juz 4get bout d isketambatu..heheh! neway i rily hope dat i wont spoil d drama..ngeee~ =D juz now i have a walk wif haulah..planned 2 jog, but then........we cancelled d plan.. hhehe..(then i cant complain bout my size anymore!) huhu. im quite fat now. dunno y. i had my 2nd usrah wif akak2 yr 2 2day. it was so great dat i combined my group wif bedah's group..hehe..i hve no idea wut 2 talk bout when im alone, wif d sisters.. plus, im shy! hehe.. :p then we had a game, named 'surat khabar lama!' haha. it's juz a game,2 know how much we care bout our frenz, even we hve been in d same class 4 d 2yrs ere..:) it was a vry great game! we laughed n enjoyed our time 2geda :) bt sumtymes i feel so shy 2 gve usrah as im a year younger than them, plus, i got less experience than i know, i can do it.. Allah wants me 2 b a gud da'ie..insyaAllah.. :) neway, thnx 4 reading my post. i miz my blog bt then hve no idea wut 2 write bout. so juz write bout wut happened 2day. oke. dat's all :) im going out wif ayman 2morow morning...hhehhe..planning 2 sleep at along's house at kbu..guess so..huhu..along, juz wait 4 us k? :) miz all my im now in love mode. a great love 4 my frenz, not anyone else..hahah..n LOVE 2 Allah..4 stl giving me chance 2 hve FRESH air in kmb now.. :)

p/s: 2 all my frenz, esok sye nk g klcc..jom g sne :)

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