Friday, October 17, 2008

hye!!!! =D

hye sume,, diz is my 1st entry for's my 1ft tym 2 write on blog..heheh..juz wanna express wut i feel ere..sumtymes i feel lyk wanna ryte sumting on diary everyday, but then i know dat i wont hve so much tym 2 do so.. bt at least i hve diz blog 2 write at umi's home ryte now..kmb got water shortage..huhuu..4 d 2nd tym, i guess..neva mind..i dont mind bout it cuz i already get used 2 it as when i was in smsj, i faced d same prob!! hahah!! =D ups..soorryyyy.. act, i miz my skool soo much! sek men sains johor..i dunno y..b4 diz, i feel lyk it's a burden 2 live in d boarding i hve 2 follow d rules..but then, now, i miz ol d rules there!! i miz d teachers who r owez mad at us..i miz them soo much...huhuhu..but now, i hve a new journey dat i hve 2 go through..wif lots of new challenges..but i hve no choice ryte..i've been sent to kmb..i dun lyk 2 b there wut cn i do???? i hve no choice! i thought dat i'll b in an A-level programme, n after a year i can fly 2 overc...huhuh..mara sent me 2 do ib...but by doing diz ib programme, i've 2 stay ere 4 bout 2 yrs!!! huhuhhu..wut a vry bored years i've 2 go through..neva mind..i'll juz go through it..insyaAllah.. ;)

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